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Bentley Announce a Limited Run of ‘Blowers’

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Bentley have announced they’re going to produce a limited run of ‘Blowers’ and has sparked more debate. It is a debate that has likely been going since we fell in love with motoring; the questions of whether to keep a car original or revamp? To refurbish as an original or replace the bad bits?

Having had that debate working on a modest classic MG, its an interesting discussion with enthusiasts. For some its about keeping and restoring as it was, ‘warts and all’ so to speak rather than improve. Others like to add the power steering to make it easier, update the brakes and make who-knows-what changes to the engine, gear box. I’m sure you can hear the after dinner conversations and debates going on!

For Bentley, they’ve taken the debate to a new level insomuch as the prices involved. A limited run of just 12 4 1/2 litre ‘Blowers’ at just £1.5m each and they look to be as close to the original as can be.

Bentley Blower - to replicate or not? Post on Great British Motor Shows
Bentley Blower – to replicate or not? Great British Motor Shows

They’re resurrecting the Blower – surely a true classic car and brings a smile to my face just looking at it. One can imagine the sheer exhilaration of hearing this roar to life and almost deafening thrill of driving down the road!

Bentley announce – but to replicate or not?

Earlier this year, Bentley announced the new launch of the limited edition run. Critics and fans have been quick to jump on the news of the 12 replicas. Comments from critics such as ‘these replicas are a perversion of history’ and even getting letters of opposition and protest.

Bentley reportedly said they had support before going ahead with the project from owners clubs and groups. As in any category or motoring, the camp is divided.

In motoring history, this car just optimises the 30’s driving era and oozes style and grandeur. The question is whether Bentley should bring them back to life?

The thought or it being replicated to the original standards is an interesting one and no doubt the debate will continue. If you have a spare £1.5M and want some fun, maybe this is for you.

Given the chance, I’d love to take one out and having the disposable income to add one of these to a my collection would be an interesting topic for thought. Maybe the heart will overrule the head… I’ll keep you posted on the answer to that one. Let us know your thoughts.

The Bentley Blower – iconic and majestic – worth £1.5M as a limited replica…?

Written by: Steve

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