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Great British Motor Shows are building a new series of events for the motoring enthusiast and if you’re looking to showcase or meet passionate people as potential sponsors and partners, you’re at the right place.

Clubs and Classics Motor Shows from Great British Motor Shows
Clubs and Classics Motor Shows from Great British Motor Shows

Clubs & Classics Show Partners & Sponsors

classic event shows we’ll be working on, bringing together the individuals and clubs from around the country to celebrate and enjoy the history of motoring.

The crowds enjoy the mix of old and new, the opportunity for you as a sponsor and partner will be to reach the grass routes of motoring. The clubs and the DIY’ers of classic restoration and motorsports, everyone enjoys these days and a real family treat.

Held at some amazing locations around the country, it’s a summer of opportunity to reach potential new customers or mix with existing ones, offer new packages or talk to them through our social media, newsletters or via our ticket purchases.

The passion is as big as the concours prize winners with everyone showcasing their pride and joy!

If you’ve got a desire to work with us over the a busy summer of great classic events, email [email protected]

Porsche 917Concours & Shows Sponsors and Partners

Our top flight events are growing. A new style of concours celebrating the best of the motoring world on 2 or more wheels. More exclusive in presentation and numbers, these events will have a limited number of vehicles on display and include VIP areas, guest marquees with new releases and offers. Something you’d expect of the best concours but with a something a little more.

If you’re interested in working with us to reach and talk to customers about your brand or products to offer sponsorship and partner with us, email [email protected] and we’ll discuss your needs and help create the right environment for you to achieve your goal.


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