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TWR come back as custom car manufacturer

todayOctober 24, 2023


Renowned performance engineering company, TWR, is embarking on a new venture as a custom car manufacturer. The company says it intends uphold the same passion, determination and values that solidified the legacy of the original Tom Walkinshaw Racing brand.

Tom Walkinshaw was a significant figure in the realms of motor racing and performance cars, as he founded the original TWR in 1975. Over the course of nearly 30 years, he crafted some of the most renowned and triumphant vehicles ever seen in the field of performance engineering.

Tom Walkinshaw’s pioneering efforts and persuasive skills were crucial in generating a passion for motorsport among numerous top car manufacturers. Some of TWR’s most beloved touring cars are the Rover Vitesse, Holden Commodore, Mazda RX-7, and the iconic Volvo 850 Estate. Additionally, Walkinshaw’s innovative influence led to the creation of notable road car ventures such as the Aston Martin DB7 and Renault Clio V6.

Jaguar has a rich and successful history with Walkinshaw, resulting in the iconic XJS. This model went on to dominate both the 1984 European Touring Car Championship and 1985 Bathurst 1000 races. The partnership between Jaguar and TWR also yielded legendary projects, including the fearsome Le Mans-winning Jaguar XJR Group C designs. These cars served as inspiration for what would become two of Jaguar’s most ultimate production vehicles – the XJ220 and XJR-15 – with significant involvement from TWR.

The renowned TWR brand will make a comeback, bringing with it the same pioneering attitude and determination for triumph that propelled the initial company to global success the company announced.

Fueled by Fergus Walkinshaw, son of the late Tom Walkinshaw, the latest incarnation of TWR has already gathered a talented technical crew. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, this new iteration of TWR is dedicated to producing top-of-the-line custom performance vehicles that push the boundaries of engineering excellence. Additionally, they will collaborate with renowned brands to enhance the capabilities of their own products. More details are yet to follow but certainly sounds intriguing.

In an ever-changing environment where numerous contemporary performance cars rely heavily on electronic systems, TWR strives to maintain and refine the analogue driving sensation. Their approach, they say, will combine advanced materials and cutting-edge design principles with traditional engineering techniques, resulting in vehicles that offer an ideal combination of speed, aesthetics, practicality and craftsmanship.

According to TWR founder Fergus Walkinshaw, the continuation of the TWR name for a new generation is a source of immense pride. “With a family history rooted in high-performance engineering, the desire to carry on the legacy of the original TWR has been strong since its closure. This new version of TWR not only honors the past and traditions of the original, but also allows us to expand our project capabilities even further.

The latest version of TWR is primarily an engineering firm focused on creating cars, as opposed to being a company that simply produces vehicles. This differentiation is crucial. Our approach involves utilizing state-of-the-art technology, merging modern know-how with traditional craftsmanship to produce top-of-the-line goods that reflect the essence of this new TWR. Our goal is to craft exceptionally remarkable and inventive automobiles, free from the limitations and design requirements imposed by OEMs.

After thorough search and recruitment, our technical team is composed of highly skilled individuals from the performance and motorsport engineering industries. Among them are former members of the original TWR, bringing a wealth of experience to our team. With this strong foundation, TWR is poised to move towards a promising future.

About TWR

Founded in 2020 by Fergus Walkinshaw and John Kane, TWR seeks to expand its renowned legacy into the contemporary automotive industry. Although distinct from the original Tom Walkinshaw Racing, this new venture is said to embody much of the same DNA and ethos that propelled the original TWR brand to international acclaim as a leader in high-performance and motorsport engineering.

Operating from its headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire, TWR plans to establish itself as a maker of unique cars for the next generation. Its goal is to preserve and enhance the traditional driving sensation through its custom-made vehicles. Additionally, the company will collaborate with top manufacturers to optimize their own models.

Tom Walkinshaw Racing is a well-known British motor racing team that has had considerable success in various international competitions. It has a rich history and has achieved numerous victories throughout its years of operation.

Established in Oxfordshire in 1975, Tom Walkinshaw Racing was the result of one individual’s determination to constantly strive for improvement. Over the course of nearly thirty years, it evolved into the standard for high-quality engineering on a global scale.

TWR was established from a drive for speed, excellence, and victory. Once Tom Walkinshaw discovered his natural ability as a driver in the late 1960s, he couldn’t settle for just competing… it was a necessity. Following a successful partnership with Ford on the racetrack, Walkinshaw founded TWR with a mission to manage, enhance, manufacture, and race vehicles for various global manufacturers.

In addition to his role as the mastermind behind the creation of top-performing race cars, Walkinshaw frequently took on the driver’s seat. TWR’s expertise in various motorsport categories, including Le Mans-winning Jaguars, endurance racing Mazdas, V8-powered Holdens, Formula 1 machines, and high-capacity touring cars from brands such as Rover and Jaguar, resulted in outstanding performance across a diverse range of competitions.

Aside from the track, TWR also delved into numerous ground-breaking road car projects. These collaborations included renowned brands like Jaguar, Holden, Renault and the iconic Aston Martin DB7 – a model widely recognized for reviving the contemporary identity of the company.

Tom Walkinshaw was known for his extraordinary work ethic and he had high expectations for those he surrounded himself with. The team behind a car is crucial in determining its success, whether it’s a hatchback, supercar, BTCC racer, or Le Mans contender. Ultimately, the people working on the project are what truly shape its outcome.

We shall look forward to seeing more details from this marque and as a fan of the DB7, I can’t wait to see what the team here can revive the passion of the past.

Written by: Steve

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