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Electric Classic Cars?

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With the drive to cleaner alternatives from petrol and production of petrol cars set to stop in the next decade, can electric cars be classics? We explore…

The original designs of electric cars to us was….well….geeky. Weird. It was as though the designers thought electric had to mean odd and stand out, and not in a good way, for some reason. I said when test driving an BMW i3, as fun as it was being fast acceleration, I just didn’t like the wired designs. We wanted a great looking stylish car, sleek, not odd and then came Tesla.

Tesla, from no-where, as the new kid on the block re-wrote the rule book on electric cars over night. They have a great sporty and modern look and was fun with a reach most car manufacturers couldn’t fathom. Having been testing them, they’re great fun but I’m still a petrol fan just at the moment. Whilst the tech grows to allow the distance drive we need for a modern lifestyle (when we’re allowed to drive anywhere again more than to the local shop!) it still is a little out of reach but progress is coming fast.

But then what about classics? There are new makers out there taking classic designs and making them 100% electric. But then there are the real classics, the petrol ones, what about them?

The old-next generation

Well, remember leaded petrol? We converted to unleaded so can we take petrol and turn to electric? One maker things so and is growing its business by doubling its workforce according to Classic & Sports Car.

So far, Lunaz Design, based in Silverstone, has taken some real classics and turned them to electric.

Their vision is to keep the classics going for future generations to enjoy and they’ve picked some beauties to start with. Taking these works of art and making them electric is quite a clever step so not re-creating new designs but converting or recreating. Is it working? Yes seems to be the answer. Not only have the team done these projects, they’re doubling their Silverstone workforce it seems in 2020 so there is scope for growth.

If you’ve got the pocket and passion, you get invited to the factory and really get a personal insight and input into your car.

It is more bespoke than most DIY projects for sure but a great take on preservation. We’ll keep a close eye and look forward to more great classics being kept on the road one way or another. Those sleek lines are meant to be seen on the road rather than just a showroom or garage. For now, I’ll keep to my petrol with an eye into the future!

Written by: Steve

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